Purco are not like any other property management company. Our approach is built on integrity and trust where we work in partnership with property owners.  

We give control to the leaseholders.

You decide how your property is managed. 


A better way to manage property


What Makes Purco Different

Purco was born out of frustration with other property management companies. It started with one property being poorly managed by an established company. The leaseholders were sent high service charge demands. The level of service was not value for money. Costs were never fully explained and always over budget. Then there were the additional costs for major works such as external redecoration. These works always seemed far too expensive and the quality of work poor. One leaseholder decided there must be a better way to manage this property and Purco was founded.

Since that first property our portfolio has steadily grown and our reputation of managing properties in a professional manner with integrity has continued to build with each new property.

We have turned property management on its head. Traditionally a property or block comprising of a number of leasehold properties or flats pay an annual service charge to a management company. The management company are appointed by and work for the freeholder. The leaseholder, who pays the service charge, has no control on who the management company is, what they charge and what work is carried out.

Purco works in partnership with leaseholders. Purco provides the leaseholders the ability the choose how their property is managed and who manages it. The leaseholders decide how much the service charge will be be, what the funds are spent on and what work is carried out.

Does this seem like a better way to manage your property? If it does then browse through the rest of our website to find out more about what we do and get in touch.

Change the way your property is managed!


Purco made big improvements to the block from day one, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a management company.

Mary, Oakwood Court